Extensio is owned and run by Director Ayo Bakare,

Ayo has over 10 years’ experience in Digital Marketing services. Furthermore, a 7 year career in financial services.

At Extensio, we focus on Aesthetics, Health & Beauty industries working with a variety of professions across the globe.

We aim to deliver excellent service and return on investment.


M: 07825 394 728     E: info@extensio.co.uk





Facebook Ads are one of the most cost-effective solutions for marketing an online business.

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats, such as: video, image, carousel, slideshow, collection, lead generation ads, post engagement, page likes, and event responses.

By using Facebook Ads, you can create specific campaigns for:

    1. Brand Awareness – To reach people who might be interested in your brand and, ultimately, increase brand awareness
    2. Reach – To reach the maximum number of people
    3. Traffic – To increase website traffic, app traffic, or Facebook page traffic
    4. Engagement – to increase engagement (i.e. post likes, post comments, post shares, event responses, claim offers etc.)
    5. App Installs – To increase your app installation
    6. Video Views – To increase exposure to your video view count
    7. Lead Generation – To collect lead information from interested prospects vie lead capture forms
    8. Messages – to initiate a conversation with prospects by increasing messages on Facebook messenger
    9. Conversion – Reaches people who are more likely to convert on website or app
    10. Catalogue Sales – To use specific ads that show items from catalogues to a target audience
    11. Store Visits – To reach people near your location and get them to visit your store






Great Campaigner

“Ayo is able to deliver to your exact needs. He carry’s out thorough research in his client & delivers as promised. Easy to talk to & a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended for all PR needs. Ayo is quick to respond and gets on with any requests or scenarios thrown at him! Thank you Ayo!”


5* Online Marketing company!

“Extensio are an exceptional company who have helped me drive quality leads to support my Semi Permanent Make Up business. Owner, Ayo, is highly experienced at what he does, professional, honest and most importantly a genuinely nice guy to have as a business partner. He devised a clear and concise plan from the very outset, with ongoing monitoring which meant I was always in a position to make informed business decisions. Ayo is always keen to improve existing methods and supports my business as though it’s his own! I confidently advise that you look no further for Online Marketing solutions as Extensio are guaranteed to go the extra mile to help you grow. Best business decision yet!”







ROI is the fuel that keep your business engine running.

Therefore, we don’t just ‘run your ads’ we provide a very collaborative approach to getting your adverts to their optimum performance.

With our mutually incentivised pricing, the better you do, the better we do. Let’s grow your business together.

We make sure your budget is used to it’s full potential so that we can scale our campaigns and drive you more traffic through careful optimisation. Every pound you spend is an investment.

Target audience is so important. We will get your ads in front of the right people, people who will not just ‘click your ads’, but one’s that will convert into lifelong customers.

Through advanced targeting strategies, we can target your ideal customer and get you sales at the lowest cost.





Full-Service Facebook Ads

Facebook & Audience Network Re-targeting

Dedicated Ad Account Strategist

Ad Video Design & Creatives






M: 07825 394 728 E: info@extensio.co.uk