Brows Ink.

Brows Ink.

Brows Ink. are an aesthetics company, established in December 2018 specialising in Mircoblading, Microshading, Combination Brows and Lash Enhancements. 

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We strategically created a total of 8 campaigns, testing the market using various techniques.  In total the campaign reached  9,100 people over 14 days and generated 42 enquiries for our client. 
We worked out the best combination for our client, which reduced the cost per lead by 50% and doubled down on the ad copy that was receiving the most interest to increase the reach by 3 times. 
We also have been creating a mailing list for Brows Ink, which is growing rapidly. In under 14 days we already have 56 subscribers and we are on target to reach over 150 by the end of January 2019!

42 enquiries in 14 days

£0.83 per enquiry

1,642.85% ROI


Being a new company, Brows Ink. did not have a pipeline of new customers post Christmas 2018 when their last models were booked in. They also wanted to build a mailing list to help build their brand and re-marketing. There is also an added  constraint of only being able to see a maximum of 16 new customers per month. 


We devised a strategic Facebook advertising campaign for their microblading services, with the dual purpose of getting bookings and building a mailing list. 


In just 14 days over the Christmas period we generated 42 enquiries at an average cost of £1.69 per enquiry.  Brow's Ink has already booked in 6 clients for January for a Return on Investment of 1,642.85%, and is on track to fill up all her spots in January and opening her February bookings.


Since then we have optimised the campaign to achieve a cost per enquiry of £0.83p (a 50% reduction) with between 5-10 new enquiries per day. We are now streamling their processes to increase their conversion rate, boost their brand and engagement on social media. 

Last edit 3 January 2019

From The Client

“I really really happy with the results and keen to carry on working with Ayo. In less than one month I have most of my slots booked up in January and am very happy with the growing pipeline”

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